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September 07, 2006


David J. Montgomery

On the other hand, here I am writing about the book, so clearly they know a lot more about publicity than I do! :)

Bob Morris

No problem at all...as long as they use "Ordinary" by itself...


The quote does seem pulled out of context, and inconsistent with Maslin's review. But I suppose "it cobbles together its own brand of excitement" (taken from the same review) sounds like damning with faint praise. Ya' can't win somedays.


I thought the review was pretty positive; given that, I didn't think the blurb was too horrible a transgession. If it had been one of those things where words were just cherry-picked to create a completely false impression it would be different, but this one doesn't bug me too much.

David J. Montgomery

I like Bob's idea for a blurb: "Ordinary!"

Has anyone read the book yet? The whole idea seemed a little silly to me, so I gave it a pass.


Just started it, David, and ordinary just about describes it. I'm hoping the pace picks up a little or....

 Elaine Flinn

Well, guess I won't be picking this book up...I mean, 'ordinary'? That's not what I'm looking for. Thanks for the heads up!


I read it on the way to ThrillerFest - it's good, and I especially liked the bits to do with New York society in the early 20th century, but it's not the flat-out fantastic read that Holt would have us think it is.

Bill Peschel

Hmmm, "ordinary" seems to fit. I read it, and while it had some good points, it suffers from comparison to "The Alienist" and that Freud doesn't really do very much, apart from stand around and play psychological parlor-tricks.

There are some nice bits here and there, but the narrator's a stiff as a character.

As for the blurb, it seems like they had to downgrade the praise. "no ordinary pop-culture sensation" makes it sound like it's going to be big, big, big "DaVinci Code" splash. Calling it a "p-c s" makes it seem like a lesser thrill. No flag here.


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