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October 29, 2006



And the UK (clocks back an hour, that is). It makes interoffice meetings so much easier when the times are coordinated. (They aren't always.)

I'm waiting for the book to come out in pbk over here so will keep a copy of your no doubt excellent review to read after I've read it (I prefer to read reviews after I've read the book, if it is a book I know I'm going to read in advance -- am I weird?)

David Montgomery

I'm with you, Maxine -- I usually don't read reviews until I've read the book first either. Too many times the review spoils the plot or my enjoyment of the book.

Unless I'm not planning to read the book. Then sometimes I'll read the reviews, just to see what people are saying.


I've been hearing so many good things about that novel, but I think you just sent me over the tipping point. Great review.


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