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December 11, 2006



Well, I wasn't going to read it before I read a review, and I'm still not going to read it, after reading your helpful review. I also enjoyed Erica Wagner's take in the Times on Saturday - a thoughtful article about why she didn't think much of Hannibal Rising in the context of the earlier books.
I did like Red Dragon (and the original Manhunter movie -- did not see the remake). S of L was sort of OK, and I hated Hannibal. I thought the author was taking the mickey out of his readers.

Lana Lang

I guess I must be suffering from attention-deficit disorder, but I kind of liked the format of this review.

David Montgomery needs to get a job with USA Today, pronto.

Mgmax, le Corbeau

The power of the Lecter character came from the fact that he was the monster in the cage who was so deadly he couldn't be given the slightest opening. He was like the alien in Alien-- there's no fighting him, all you can do is guard him as tightly as possible.

So Harris sent him to live in Italy for a decade, looking at art and living the high life. That was when the air went out of the whole idea for me. That he now gets a traumatic childhood that 'explains' how he became him is just more silliness.

The Sanity Inspector

Very few writers, whatever their talents, ever come up with a bigtime franchise character like Hannibal Lecter. When you've got a horse, you ride him!


I laughed out loud when you said that some of us would hurl the book across the room in anger, I almost did exactly that!! I must say that I was disappointed with Hannibal Rising, but I remain firm in defending anyone who simply calls him "Hannibal the Cannibal."

Beverly Lein

I loved Hannibal Rising in a world gone to hell I can see why the young boy turned into the known monster of Hannibal the cannibal. If anyone ever witnessed someone eating a brother or sister I can see the mind snapping. It was well written and very exciting. The book kept me spell bound front the first page to the last. Please pass this note on to the author I look forward to any and every book you write. Beverly Lein

Dean Hewell

Harris needs to drop Hannibal and start writing about the most interesting and complex character in the whole series......Will Graham.

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