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March 05, 2007


Gerald So

It's all about that last line. Great, David.

patti abbott

You've told a complete story in 1000 words. And so well!
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JT Ellison

Nice twist, Dave.

Christa Miller

I love it. Anyone can be "too trusting" of people on the other end.

Louise Ure

Okay, David, I'm never commenting on anybody's blog again.

Thanks for a rude, scary start to my day. Well done!

John Rickards

Can't go wrong with a good femme fatale. Great work, Dave.


Blog noir. I love it.


Ohhhh, that is so creepy.

Dave, you had me going until then. I didn't expect it at all.

Thanks for the shock.

I think I'm going to be watching my back today.

Karen Olson

Commenting on blogs definitely now has a different feel to it... Loved this.

Dave White


Steve Allan

Women! Great story. Very James M. Cain meets the blogosphere.

Bill Crider

Great story, great ending.


Great story! I wouldn't mind if it were 10,000 words!

Daniel Hatadi

Macbeth meets blogs. Great work.


You *do* have a way with last lines! With this story and the last one I read of yours. Great story, David!

John Stickney

Terrific story, great ending.


This story is great... fantastic job.. and I agree with John Rickards, classic femme fatale!!


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wow that was great! But.. I didn't really get the ending, I'm a little slow.. haha but it was really good anyway! well done!

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