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April 16, 2007



Wow, cool. Congrats, David!

Hope all is well.

David J. Montgomery

By the way, in case anyone is wondering, the website I edit is Mystery Ink, not Murderink. I didn't correct their error.

The funny part is, they got the link right, but the name wrong.

(People commonly mistake the names, due to the old mystery bookstore in NYC.)


Congratulations, David. Very well deserved. And to the others also -- I was particualarly pleased to see Euro Crime in the list, it is a great website/associated blog, and as the article and selection of blogs are very US-centric, quite an accolade for Karen.

Elaine Flinn

Of course you belong on any 'The Top of...' lists!

Book Bird Dog

Congrats on being on the list of top blogs! I like mysteries myself though I review other genres as well!


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