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January 20, 2008



Me too - It scared me a lot




If you read this book, how could you have gotten the name of one of the key characters incorrect? It was "Wireman", not "Hardman". This isn't a little error.

David J. Montgomery


You're the second person to point out my mistake. For some reason, the name "Hardman" stuck in my head, so when I went to write my review that's what I used. I should have doublechecked the text, but I didn't anticipate that I'd misremembered the character's name.

Silly mistake, I know.

Big D

I enjoyed your review of Duma Key (and enjoy your reviews and commentary in general). But the main reason for this comment is that it is so refreshing to read that I am not the only one who does not think the longer the book the better.

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Hey thanks for sharing this, I would like to say that I had never heard about "Duma Key" but I just get this page and it's absolutely fabulous. I enjoyed it with your review.

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