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January 24, 2008


Gerald So

I don't know if it is a joke, but Ian Fleming's story "Quantum of Solace" isn't your typical Bond story.

From Wikipedia:

'Quantum of Solace' is not a spy story and Bond appears only in the background. Told in the style of W Somerset Maugham, the tale has Bond attending a boring dinner party at the Government House in Nassau with a group of socialites he can't stand.


Don't tell Dave White, he'll freak out.

Dave White




I told you he would freak out.

Barry Eisler

QoS is a short story in the For Your Eyes Only Collection. I read it two years ago while writing an intro for the new UK release (if you're curious, here's a link. Actually, I thought it was an excellent story, though I can't imagine it being the basis for a film in more than name. Which, BTW, I kinda like... but that's just me...


Dave White

Just so everyone knows, I am done freaking out.

Phew. That was a long freak out.

Sean Chercover

I'm with Barry. QoS is a truly excellent short story (although it doesn't provide a foundation for a workable Bond film). I'm sure they're using the title and discarding the story, but I also like the title.

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