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January 29, 2008



Why don't you shut up?

De Scribe

I tend to agree, David. And yes, I don't manage it most times either - my review of Martin Amis' Night Train is perhaps a good example of what a good review is not.

Barry Eisler

Hey, what are you doing slumming on *that* message board?


Clea Simon

At the very least, we can give prospective readers a feel for the book, both content and writing, and help them decide if they're interested in pursuing it. I know, I know, we don't set out to write "buyer's guides," but it's the least we can do.

Cameron Hughes

I only do good reviews when my corporate masters compensate me well.


David J. Montgomery

Clea, I think that's right, and that's what I do most of the time -- the book review as buyer's guide.


I love how Monty refers to Barry Eisler's place as "a message board."

Sort of like driving a Ferrari F40, then saying you drove "a car."

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I like to hear negative things about everything that I do because you can learn about it and the next time do it better that's why I always ask for an opinion when I 'm doing something.

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I totally agree with that quote. You can get great feedback from reviewers because the audience is huge and there are people that they think really different that you can get great ideas from them.

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