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February 02, 2008



PLBW, my boy... alas, it is true.

So very, very true.


Well, the only thing I associate with it is the medical term: Premature Low Birth Weight. Obviously this is not what the folks at LIM are concerned abut.

Clea Simon

people love book wonks?

in my dreams.


Yeah. I saw those buttons. Have no idea what it means.


I like to get more information about it because I don't know exactly what it means, that's good information but I think it's not enough.

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Among study participants, past periodontal treatment before birth, the proportion of women who gave birth to babies with PLBW, amounted to 13,5%, and among the participants were not subjected to such treatment - 18,9%. Although the difference indicator PLBW the group, which received periodontal treatment, and control groups had no statistical significance (p = 0.36) reduction in the proportion PLBW amounted to 28,6%.

Steve Russel

What an awe-inspiring piece of information. Great…please let me know from where did you get this information. I think I can use this information as a source to build my project. A big thanks buddy….


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