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April 03, 2008



Another example of someone pimping a friend.

If Guyot were half a man, he'd tell you the story sucks and that he's offering a free gift for anyone who reads the story, doesn't vomit, and then posts a comment on CFD, saying they read the story and didn't vomit.

On a side note, just what the hell is a free gift? If it's not free, it's not a gift, right? No one says, "Here's a gift. That'll be five dollars."

And just what is the free gift Guyot is offering? A new car? A bass boat? Some Laffy Taffy?

Oh, no, no, no my little cyber donks. The free gift is that Guyot will put your name in a story he writes! Now, whether that story will ever be published anywhere is anyone's guess. Most likely not, considering Guyot's limited talent.

But your name will go into the story, and who knows? Perhaps one day you'll be cruising the Net, and come across a pack of short stories written by prison inmates, and in it, you'll see your name in Guyot's story.

Or you might vomit and the whole thing will be moot.

David Montgomery


1) I stated upfront that Guyot is a Friend of the Dossier. Thus the reader can take that into account when assessing the plug.

2) I never said the story is any good, nor that I didn't vomit.

3) I didn't even encourage anyone to read it. I wouldn't do that to my readers -- they deserve better.

Patrick Winston

I didn't vomit.

Patrick Winston.

Patti McCoy Jacob

I read the story. And loved it. And didn't once vomit. Not even a little bit in my mouth.

Oh, and Paul - that's Patti with an "i."

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