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May 26, 2008



I did miss you!

I'm doing duty-reading, which is sometimes great but often just work.

Dave White

Really enjoying Don Winslow's The Dawn Patrol

Elaine Flinn

Of COURSE we missed you here!

I'm having a slow go with Child 44. So far, I'm underwhelmed. I'm supposed to compare notes with Nick Stone - but I told him not to hold his breath - it may take some time. :)

Cameron Hughes

Reading Try Darkness by James Scott Bell, which is okay so far. Hope it gets better. Just recently read Jerry A. Rodriguez's Revenge Tango, which was terrible. Badly written porn that tried to sell itself as noir.


I did wonder where you’d gone. I thought the summer sun might have lured you away from your computer. I just finished The Calling by Inger Ash Wolfe. Fairly good book but the ending was terrible. I assume it’s to be the first of a series, so I’m giving her a pass on the other story threads that remain open. It was a nice change of pace to read a crime fiction novel with a female protagonist that wasn’t a sexy young thing. Now I’m on to The Pesthouse by Jim Crace.

Mel Smith

Since moving, I've run through the Clive Cussler books. I'd never gotten into the Kirk Austin books. I sort of miss Dirk Pitt. That's a lie. I miss Al Giordino!!!

I just finished MJ Rose's The Reincarnationist. And my co-worker has given me this vampire thing by Michelle Bardsley. It's witty, but I'm going to re-read Rain Fall to get the taste out of my mouth when I'm done. (Vampire joke in there somewhere I'm sure!)

Karen Olson

Just finished CHILD 44. I absolutely loved it, think that it deserves all the hype it's getting.

Elaine, stick with it. There are some slow parts in the beginning but the last half of the book goes at light speed.

David J. Montgomery

I agree that Child 44 is definitely worth reading. Didn't care for The Dawn Patrol, though.

Elaine Flinn

Okay, okay...I'll stick with CHILD 44...but I gotta wonder how often did we need to know how brutal the KGB is? I mean, page after page, after... :)

Cosmo Vittelli

I enjoyed 'Twixt Twelve And Twenty by Pat Boone.


Been reading a bunch of nonfiction (most recently Kathryn Harrison's quietly disturbing WHILE THEY SLEPT, which manages to be equal parts about the murder of a family and about her own demons) and a whole lot of Josephine Tey. I forgot how genius A DAUGHTER OF TIME was but was glad to be reminded again.

Patrick Balester

Vacation, eh? I was wondering when the next post was going to arrive. Hope you enjoyed it.
I just finished Yellow Medicine, (A. Neil Smith), which was a roller coaster and Children of the Black Valley,(Evan Kilgore) which was pretty dark.
Just started on Obsessions (Marshall Cook), which looks to be more fun than frightening.
Are we seeing a pattern here?


Read Tana French's IN THE WOODS (gorgeous writing, but I wanted one of the plot points to get tied up more--will definitely get her next novel) and Kjell Eriksson's THE PRINCESS OF BURUNDI, which I enjoyed very much. I'm getting hooked on foreign police procedurals.

Got a stack of ARCs from BEA. Michael Connelly's BRASS VERDICT is on my desk, in addition to Dennis Lehane's upcoming literary one.

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