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June 25, 2008



The mind boggles! Does anyone suspend disbelief long enough to read this? Clearly, I have some problems with international thriller stuff.

David J. Montgomery

I find virtually all mystery and thriller novels to be wildly improbable... So the thing I'm interested in is: does the book tell a good story?

All I really want when I pick up a crime novel is to be entertained.

Elaine Flinn

Aw, come on, Ingrid! :)

It's entertainment. But you gotta admit Jim combines some really expert scientific info in all of his books. I love everyone of his books almost as much as I love Jim.

Doug Riddle

Picked it up last night and started it.....didn't finish it, but stayed up way too late...lol. Also picked up Brett Battles new book which I can't wait to start.

Karen Harrington

Someone gave this book to me as a gift and I haven't read it yet. I'm glad you gave it a thumbs-up. And I agree, I just want to be entertained with a crime novel or film, too.



I attended Jim Rollins' author signing this week and he was an adroit speaker who laughed at himself and at times at his plot plausibilities! But he writes because it's fun, it's high adventure and he likes to take us all along for a great ride! I found him very curious about the world around him, highly entertaining, extremely well educated, and quite humble. Besides, he just writes some cracking good reads!

Boggled Mind

Ms. Parker, isn't your series about detective in 11th century Japan? Or maybe that is Barry Eisler I am think of. All these thrillers start to blend together after a while.

Allison Brennan

Just received my copy the other day from Amazon. I'm with David on stories in general--if I am entertained and transported into whatever world the author has created, I don't care whether it's plausible or not. I read my first James Rollins when he came to speak to one of my groups two years ago. Three years? It was SUBTERRANEAN and I was hooked. I've read most of this books since.

David J. Montgomery

I do think a thriller needs to be plausible to be good -- otherwise I have trouble accepting the story long enough to enjoy it.

I haven't had that problem with Rollins' books, though. He does enough research (and knows enough science) to give his scenarios enough believability to make them work.


When I read thrillers (which I enjoy immensely) I sort of factor in the unbelievability factor. That said, I hate it when the hero/heroine is practically supernatural in terms of staying alive.


I think you have to be a "thriller" mindset to get a kick out of them, which I do. I recently finished (by audiobook) the most recent Mitch Rapp (Vince Flynn is the author, I believe), plus "Death in Small Doses," by Bernard Steele. No Russians in that one, just Jihadists plotting death and destruction here in the USA. It's a wild ride, especially as it ends with a dramatic confrontation on the NY subway!


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