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June 09, 2008


Cameron Hughes

Starr is one of the greats.

With a wonderful head of hair.

Elaine Flinn

Hey! Thanks for the plug!

Jason was a great interview-ee, and our resident band of interrogators asked some great questions. Naturally, I'm partial to yours, David. :)

It was fun to see Jason 'on the other side of the table', huh? :)

Elaine Flinn

p.s. You should see what David asks Keith Kahla, Executive Editor at St. Martin's next month on Evil E.

Talk about brass balls?

achieve orgasms

I will too. Deal? If I thought of a preschool teacher who I thought would make a great character in a crime novel, I’d go for it. But, as you say, there would have to be something off about him or her. I think my strength is in writing about edgy people.

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