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July 01, 2008


philip hawley, jr

This book looks interesting, and after reading the summary on Amazon I moved my mouse to the "Buy" button.

I stopped short of clicking when I saw the price--$35.00.


David J. Montgomery

Yeah, unfortunately these limited edition books cost a bundle. I'd really like to see Harrington's books get reissued in mass market -- maybe a publisher out there is paying attention?

(Okay, I doubt it...But still.)

Doug Riddle

What is just as interesting is that it is "temporary out of stock". Either it is selling well at that price, or they sold the three copies they had.


Why the limited edition? The book sounds interesting and timely.

David J. Montgomery

The nature of small press publishing, I'm afraid.

Artie Wu

I was going to read this, but tripped over a dead pelican and twisted my ankle.

Doug Riddle

Artie, I hate when that happens. At least you didn't get run over by a pack of greyhounds.

Elaine Flinn

Small press, or not...$35.00 for a book is more than I'd spend...no matter how good it might be - so I'll just take your word for it, David. :)

Nerd of Noir

Harrington's Dark Ride blew me away. I was given a ratty old paperback copy of it and didn't think much about it. Once you read the first page you are floored. It's like if Body Heat was written by a child murdering meth addict.

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