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August 20, 2008



Wow, David. Wow. I'm not a fan of book trailers, either, but that is just cool. I can't wait to go pick that book up.

Dana Kaye

Thanks for posting this; it's the first I've seen that truly advertises the book. Most of them just look like coming attractions for non-existant movies.


Well... looks like many other trailers I've seen. Maybe a little better produced, a little better scripted, and way cooler people in it. The book world folks love them Hollywood folks.

I'm a fan of Meltzer's work (he's smart, and understands both story and language), but I see this as one of the many books we're seeing now (and will for the next year or so) that are described as "a' la The Da Vinci Code."

Though, Meltzer's a better writer than either Perdue or Brown.

David J. Montgomery

What I like about this is that, unlike most book trailers, it doesn't look like a bad rip-off of a preview for a movie nobody wants to see. It talks about the book in a somewhat oblique way, making it sound interesting, rather than just dramatizing some scene from the book, which I never find interesting. So at the end of it, I thought, "Hey, that sounds kinda cool. Maybe I'll pick that up." I don't know if I'll read it, but at least it's on my radar screen.


Agreed. Most book trailers are truly embarrassing rip offs of movie trailers.

I guess this reminds me more of the micro movies some authors are turning to.

Maybe I'm too close to the TV connection, but it just felt a little arch to me.


But then again, I'm not the target audience of this trailer.

Cameron Hughes

This trailer just makes the book look silly and desperate to be the next Da Vinci Code(A terrible book too)

The Book of Lies isn't any good

Leonard T. Carruthers

Very interesting but I don't know if I would read the book.

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a book trailer is a great marketing strategy

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