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September 06, 2008



Didn't know that was happening. In any case, I only have 2 blogs I like, yours and Sarah's. I expect that doesn't help much. What do they know?


Hey, cool! I've been looking for some new blogs to read. One of those has to be interesting!


And you DEFINITELY should've been on the list. Drunk or not. ;-)

Cameron Hughes

Liar, you make sure you're not sobered up when you post.

And David, I'm really tired of the late night drunk calls.


You're as aober as a judge. I, too, am surprised that you were not nominated. Hell, you were kind of a midwife to the birth of my own humble effort.

Shakes Muldoon


This is great! Blogs are the coolest thing ever! I love reading them. I love to read all the opinions by all these super smart bloggers out there.

We're so lucky to have the internet. Just think - if we didn't have the blogosphere what would all these super smart, cool people do with all their opinions? Can you imagine a world without all these blogs and bloggers? No way!

And we haven't even talked about how cool the comment sections are on blogs!

All of us that aren't super smart enough to have our own blogs can at least spew our opinions in the comments section and pretend to be just as super smart (or even smarter) and never have to worry about ever seeing people or people even knowing who we are because we're anonymous.

Blogs are awesome!!!

David Montgomery

Thanks for the kind words, folks. I hope it was clear that my remarks about this blog being excluded were meant in jest. I'm not sure who made those selections, but very few people outside of the crime genre are familiar with this blog. (And I'm not even sure about many people within the genre.) Especially since I don't have the time to post very often these days.

Shakes -- Take your meds, dude.

Permut Hossenfeitter

I'm voting for that guy Jim Winter's blog!!!!

He is a freakin' comedy genius! Nobody does Hitler jokes like the Big Nasty!!!

Patrick Balester

"I hope it was clear that my remarks about this blog being excluded were meant in jest."

You mean you not sober at least once a week? Odd. I would have guessed you were sober at least two or three times a week between drunken bouts and postings. Oh, wait...I was thinking of my own blog. Never mind.

Seriously, though, I haven't heard of most of these, but I'm always ready to check out a new blog. But in the end, I usually return to my favorites (of which this is one).

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