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December 04, 2008


Patti Abbott

I've been leaving flyers suggesting this wherever I go, whever I see a bulletin board, a table with info, a place to stick one. It probably won't do much good, but it makes me feel better.

Barney Clonfelder

I'll buy what I want for who I want!

You kids think you can push all us old folks around, well you got another thing coming!

You keep you opinions to yourself. These blogs make me so angry!

Patti Mccoy Jacob

We have kids in both public and private elementary schools here in CA, and both types constantly send home Scholastic Books order forms targeting PreK to teenage readers. My kids love circling their choices for wish lists, most recently on the Xmas form. Besides encouraging a love of reading, the schools promote this because they get a kick-back. May sound crass, but whatever gets the schools to promote reading, I'm all for. True, these are still young readers who are not reading the books of those commenting on your site, but sparking their interest in reading today will hopefully help keep the publishing world alive tomorrow.

Did that only sound profound in my mind?

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