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February 21, 2008



I think PLBW will have a huge impact on the whole vanity press issue.


Oh, no! Not that Preterm Low BirthWeight thing again. What's with you people?

Brandt Dodson

I've got to say that, as a traditionally published author of stand alone crime novels and a hardboiled PI series, it's hard enough to build a readership when you have a publisher solidly behind you. Doing it the on your own - near impossilbe.
I will agree, though, that a POD copy of your books for promtional purposes is probably not a bad idea, although most publishers will do ARCs as part of their marketing push for your book.


It's the vetting that makes the diffrence isn't it? Meaning that first an agent culls through the pile, then an editor, then the public. By the time it gets on the shelves, it's been through several hands and is hopefully a better piece of work than something that goes from computer to typeset to the public.

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